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Buyers guide to antique Coca Cola collectibles

How does one start buying antique and vintage Coca-Cola items? How do you find the value of these collectible items? Here may be some answers to those questions.

The Coca-Cola Company has been manufacturing collectible items for around 120 years! In that time this company has produced and marketed a vast amount of promotional items from which a collector may choose.

From beautiful beverage serving sets to colorful promotional posters there are many ways to begin collecting Coca-Cola items.

Sometimes it's just a matter of finding a great antique Coca-Cola serving tray at a garage sale, auction or estate sale; you love it and buy it, that is how easy it is.

Or maybe your old auntie had an antique 1920's Coca-Cola calendar tucked away in her attic, and gave it to you!

No matter how you acquired your first Coca-Cola item; your interest has been piqued and you want more, read on here to find tips on buying the best antique and vintage coca-cola collectibles.

Buying antique Coca-Cola Promotional items:

Knowledge is KING, consult the experts. The best resource book on the subject is said to be-Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide (11th Edition). In the covers of this book is offered a very complete and up to date guide to all things Coca-Cola.

Buy the book, use it faithfully, for in it hides the current market values for these items. Also by scanning the pages of this book you might just find other items you want to buy and those few who have them!

Condition, location and how rare the item is all contribute in determining the items market value.

Condition: The item should not show signs of use, it should be in mint condition. This means no scratches, dents, or paint missing. If it is a glass or beverage set it must have no chips, crack or missing pieces. Calendars, must have crisp, clean pictures with all pages intact. Toys need to be in perfect unplayed-with condition.

Location: A bottle mass produced in Colorado is probably not going to be worth as much in Colorado where other items of the same kind are available. This item might sell like hotcakes in Japan or Europe, its value is higher where it is a rare find.

Ask an antiques dealer: These folks are experts on anything collectible, antique or vintage. They are always glad to chat with you about YOUR interest. Pick these brains, for there you will find vast amounts of the information you need.

Don't worry, you will find all you need to complete your collection! There is a lot out there from which to choose. Beware of reproductions there are plenty of those around too!

Remember, "Coke is the real thing!" Accept no imitations!

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