Antique Medicine Bottles


bottleworx posted:

My buddy and I cleaned up in the old town dump. ... bottle dump digging antique bottles privy

Antique Bottles at

8 Responses to DEEP DUMP DIGGIN

  1. RecoveringRelics

    Nice video old finds!!!!

  2. DetectingtheWorld

    Good haul from that hole. Absolutely beautiful bottles! Thanks for sharing!

  3. jevtecturbo

    nice video
    verry verry intesting


    How much is something like that worth. Like a med bottle or something?

    Nice digging,

    Keep @ It and HH!!

  5. Dusty696969

    Hey nice bottles. I cant find any places to dig now days. I live out in St.Louis Missouri. Would you have any good suggestions

  6. bj616

    Very cool, I’m doing some bottle dump digging myslef. I love old bottles and have bee collecting them since I was a kid. Great vid.

  7. bottlesofmany

    Thanks this is a cool vid!! Love discovering stuff :D Jess

  8. Nick

    I am so wanting to do this, but not sure where to start! Are there clubs? I am in St. Louis would just be thrilled to do this…help!

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