antique battery oil bottle info wanted?

antique bottle

Pamela asked: I have the following bottle and would like any information you could help me with. The bottle is about 4 inches high, clear glass, flat oval shape. Raised letters on the front reads: SPECIAL BATTERY OIL - THOMAS A. EDISON INCORPORATED, PRIMARY BATTERY DIVISION, BLOOMFIELD, N.J., U.S.A.
The back reads: TRADE, THOMAS A. EDISON (in cursive writing and the "T" whips back over the top of the word "trade"), REG. U.S. MARK PAT. OFF., MADE IN U.S.A.
The bottom has an "M" in a bottle shaped box and the number 2 to the right of it.
The bottle looks almost wrinkled from when it was made. Here's the good part: the bottle is full of oil and has a cork in the top!
Can anyone help me with the origin, the hitory, the worth and/or where to find more information? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Edison battery oil marketed in the bottle was a mineral oil used in Edison Primary Batteries. The oil floated on the top of the caustic electrolytic solution in primary battery cells. Submerged in the caustic solution were zinc electrodes mounted under the porcelain lid of the glass battery jars. The electrolyte (caustic solution) was covered with a thin layer of the mineral oil to prevent both evaporation and absorption of the CO2 from the atmosphere.

    The bottles were manufactured by several different companies from the turn of the century through the 1960s and were made in both oval and round varieties. A large number of bottles are extant, and, due to exposure, have developed considerable variance in color, ranging from greenish-white to clear. The caps of many bottles were metal while others were probably stoppered with cork. The distinctive signature of Thomas A. Edison was used as a trademark on numerous Edison products.

    Edison Primary Batteries were used in a number of industrial applications, including power for railroad signals and many battery oil bottles are thus found along railroad right-of-ways. Because so many bottles were manufactured over the years they are not particularly rare; we answer several inquiries each year from individuals who have found one. More photographs of Edison Primary Batteries and battery oil can be found at Historic Photos.

  2. i have one of these bottles, do u know how much it might be worth? or where i could sell, or get info about it?

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