Antique Medicine Bottles

How much are my antique glass bottles worth?

old glass bottle14.thumbnail How much are my antique glass bottles worth?
mouse001 asked:

I have loads of very old glass bottles, and i wanted to know a good site that could tell me how much they are worth. One bottle is marked "sealed 1-11-14". A lot of these bottles are in extemely good condition. If you know a site, or have knowledge yourself on this topic, I would really apreciate it.
I already went to e-bay, and they don't have any of what i have.
Beekiss- I know, but i was kinda hoping for a general collecters price- should i feel bad for trying to get $50 for something, or is it a steal at that price?
Harry P- reported.
I looked at them, and here are a few of them:
Jergens lotion
Bayer Asprin
Rolling rock beer
I don't know what the last two are, i'll have to look them up.

4 Responses to How much are my antique glass bottles worth?

  1. beekiss

    They are only worth what someone is willing to pay you for them.

  2. Diego

    e-bay, the first internet trashcan

  3. sobrien

    probably not too much.

  4. wythingco

    Go to ebay you can find it all on there.

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