How much is your bottle worth?

Whether you’re a collector or not, valuing old bottles can be a difficult task. Luckily, there are plenty of resources on the Internet to help you out, so you can know how much those bottles are really worth. Because some of these resources are so old, however, they can be difficult to find using modern search engines, which is why I have listed a good selection for you here.

The first place to look for your bottle is definitely This site has a definitive listing of bottles and values. Although some listings cost money, many of the articles and other resources are completely free.

As a comprehensive listing of other bottle collecting sites, you can’t beat It has a simple layout, but a wealth of information both onsite and offsite. The best way to use it is to use the built-in search engine instead of trying to dig your way through the links, although the random clicking strategy is bound to turn up something interesting too.

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors at is basically a club for bottle collectors. It can be useful if you want to find a bottle expert near to you so you can take the bottle to them in person, as they have a listing of all their members sorted by location. is the best bottle collecting forum, full of knowledgeable experts on bottles. If you have a question, this is where you should go to ask it – it can be very useful in situations where you’ve tried all the other resources but still not come up with an answer.

Offline, there are a few books that are invaluable to the bottle collector, notably Kovels’ Bottles Price List, which is a surprisingly cheap yet very comprehensive guide to bottle prices. There are also many books about specific kinds of bottles that go into much more detail.

14 thoughts on “How much is your bottle worth?

  1. i have a chinese snuff bottle i’m not sure what it’s worth i now have pictures of it plese contact me

  2. Hi i have tried to find out how much a 1925 soda water bottle that say on bottom made in Lexington Ky. is worth but cannot find any information on it, looked on web don’t seem to help can you tell me where to look. Thank You

  3. I have a very old bottle (empty) that is Stuart’s rare old 100% scotch 20 years old. Stuart,Macnair & Co. What is the value?

  4. Hi, I have a old 6 oz. fl. pepsi-cola glass bottle. I am wondering how much is it worth? I will be appreciated if u reply this. Thank you

  5. my husband found a soda bottle name busters patent 1922 color of bottle is clear. is it worth anything thank you wendy

  6. bottle is about a mans hand with, and states the following( edison battery oil made in usa thomas a edison incorporated bloomfield, n.j. usa)
    other side is his signature.
    What is my bottle worth?

  7. i have an old bottle,approx 1 1/2″ high to the neck,amber colored,”CATARRH” on one side HAY FEVER on the other side “ELY’SCREAM BALM ELY BROS OWECO N Y on the front of the bottle. any ideas ?

  8. I just got like 50 to 100 old bottles and would like sell them i just don’t know how much to sell them maybe you can help or maybe you yourself might be interested in the bottles i can send you some pictures of the bottles … THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

  9. I’m looking for a bottle from a company named “Seretto”. Do you know any resources I could contact to find one? I believe they were located in MA.


  10. HI


  11. I have a 1962 long neck (stands about 3 ft) wine bottle that we’ve had a long time and I wondered if it had any value.

  12. my daughter found an old bottle with t.t. spence bellaire on it , on the bottom is an L and it has a metal thing in the neck of it , the color is clear. could someone please tell me when and where this was made?

  13. i have a old soda water bottle that has wm tatums soda water manufactory montgomery and on the bottom has kgw Co.

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