identifying old glass bottles?

old glass bottle
devyn asked:

i have a few old glass bottles, that i am unable to identify. one of them says, n & co on the bottom, and another one says BL, the last one just has a wierd logo on it, that i cant read, does anyone know how to identify the company and era from which these bottles came?

6 thoughts on “identifying old glass bottles?

  1. In most cases with bottles you can get a hold of references from
    antique shops. That is they often have books that refer to the logos and markings you speak of. Also there are hints that can tell you whether your bottle is truly old. Such as, is there a distinct molding where the bottle was cast. That would be a line along both sides of the bottle. are there bubbles and imperfections in the glass. I certainly do not know all the clues but I do know where to look. Happy hunting.

  2. i have a old glass bottle greenish with frigidaire on bottom big at bottom and gets smaller like genie bottle .someone told me it was from 30 or 40 when you bought a friderator do you have any idea

  3. i have a bottle that i dont knoww the date on it says j.i.marsh portsmouth o. . i dont know if a soda bottle or what or the actual date

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