Is a 1971 bottle of unopened Canadian Club worth anything?

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J Bird in 'Burg asked:

It's a 6 year whiskey discovered in my dead grandfather's stash. The family lawyer has said it is worthless and he would like it for his 'bottle collection'. My mother said it might be worth some money. We need to know for probate.

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4 thoughts on “Is a 1971 bottle of unopened Canadian Club worth anything?

  1. It is pretty much worthless….The bottle may be neat but the wiskey stops aging once it is put in the bottle. So basically what you have is a bottle of booze that has been hanging out in a state of prugutory. It is not getting any mellower or smoother, but it is not getting any worse for the wear either….unless it is open then it is totally worhtless. The best case it is worth about as much a new bottle, about 20 bucks.

    The only thing that could change that is if it is some sort of collector edition or collectable decantor style bottle then it could be worth some money.

    If it is a collectable or decantor/ cremerative bottle then it could be worth hundreds to thousands. If its a plain bottle let him have it.

  2. Your lawyer just wants a cheap bottle of whiskey. May be worthless for anything more than a good drunk, but I’m thinking the lawyer is getting enough out of the deal already. If you’re just going to give it to someone, the bum at the corner is more deserving.

  3. the lawyer is not dumb and he can lie a storm and still sound like a saint.
    put it on the online auction
    set a $50.00 min
    a barrister type just might be forced to bid…
    offer it the legal freak for pro bono

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