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How much is your bottle worth?

… so you can take the bottle to them in person, as they have a listing of all their members sorted by location. is the best bottle collecting forum, full of knowledgeable experts on bottles. If you have a question, … Continue reading

The Secret To Successful Vintage Perfume Bottles Collecting

… 1800s, designers in New England started to experiment with different colors, sizes and shapes, creating a myriad of beautiful antique perfume bottles that we see today. One designer even came up with a perfume bottle that resembled the Liberty Bell … Continue reading

Finding The Best Antique Bargains Of All Can Be So Surprising!

As a collector of antique Japanese netsuke, inro, lacquer boxes, as well as Chinese snuff bottles and Jade carvings (particularly pendants) like all other collectors I have always been looking out for the chance to buy a bargain!


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