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Old antiques bottles fall within some general categories. Feel free to post information about your own bottles within the appropriate category. Unsure where to post? Try the ‘Unknown’ bottle category.

The Secret To Successful Vintage Perfume Bottles Collecting

… 1800s, designers in New England started to experiment with different colors, sizes and shapes, creating a myriad of beautiful antique perfume bottles that we see today. One designer even came up with a perfume bottle that resembled the Liberty Bell … Continue reading

Antique Perfume Bottles Are A Much Treasured Possession

… collectors.

So, the next time you go overseas ensure to inspect the numerous antique shops that may carry an antique perfume bottle for sale. Nevertheless, that is easier said than done because many of these bottles have an asking price in … Continue reading

An introduction to miniature collecting

… miniature collectables, can really range from anything such as figurines, to collectable models of cars, or even miniature bottles of perfume. An best of all, huge amounts of storage space are not required, because well, they are miniature.

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