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Antique milk bottles were produced in huge quantities, and have their own unique nostalgic qualities. Got pictures and stories about antique milk bottles? Share them here. Moooooo!

Looking for an antique milk bottle that says Bender Brothers on it?

christi b posted: I’m looking for an antique milk bottle from Middleville, Mi that says Bender Brothers on it. It may also say Riverview Farms. If you know how I could get this bottle I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Thank you, I have tried e bay but antique shops and swap meets are … Continue reading

keep the bottle posts coming!

I am looking for antique milk bottles from the Velvet milk that was in owensboro,KY?

supermancharlie2000 posted: The Velvet farm and stables was located on Foors Lane in Owensboro,KY my grandparents lived there and all was lost to me when they had to move so please if anyone can help me find a Velvet Milk bottle I would be very happy