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What is the value of antique wine bottle?

antique bottle130 What is the value of antique wine bottle?

Joe W asked: It's an empty, green Chianti Cetti wine bottle that is 3' 11" tall. On label " CERTALDO - FIRENZE - ITALY. Holds one gallon and 12% Alcohol. The base is around 15" in diameter with wicker type material around the base, which a piece of that material is wrapped around the neck leading to the top. The neck of the bottle is 3' 3" with small label on it reading VINTAGE 1962. It appears the original cork is at the bottom of the bottle slightly damaged. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

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  1. Azhia

    It depends u may need to get it appraised or speak to a wine specialist. But most likely it wouldnt be worth much if the wine isnt in it. People normally collect wine not just the bottles.

  2. tigermuffin03

    As much as someone will pay for it. Try to ebay it see if anything comes up

  3. jupiter

    1962 does not make it an antique ,1862 would ,but… put it on ebay and get what you can for it and figure about 50 bucks extra to ship it -good luck

  4. Pink Floyd

    look at this one

    its on french but the price is near top right

  5. sgwine

    If the original cork is at the bottom of the bottle, how did the wine keep itself from spilling? Any wine kept that has a damaged cork is probably worthless.

  6. Ghost

    Nothing. Use it for plants. Empty wine bottles don’t get much value unless very old (at least 200 years) or have something intrinsic in their nature. An old Chianti bottle holds zero interest for collectors.

  7. Shelise Hague

    I am interested in purchasing your bottle if you still have it.

    Thank you,


  8. Lynda

    I have one, label is gone….cork still in tact and bottle is full…..bottle itself is round bottom with a vine twist neck…would love to know it’s value…..

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